CLiPtec 90W Slimline Notebook AC Adaptor GZJ111

      CLiPtec GZJ111 90W Slimline Notebook AC Adaptor easy to use and automatically sets the correct output voltage for a wide range of notebook when you add the appropriate connector tip. Output voltage is verified on the LED screen and the in-built surge protection circuitry gives ultimate protection to your notebook. CLiPtec GZJ111 is designed for light and thin compact Notebook PCs, featuring a small, light and thin appearance. The ultra-thin design of 16mm thick allows it to easily fit in your Notebook bag, reducing the size and weight of your bag.

  • Automatic voltage switching safely provides the correct power output without manual settings.
  • Output voltage is verified on the LED screen.
  • With 11 tips connector to suit to wide range notebook.
  • Compatible with virtually every major notebook brand, including Fujitsu, Samsung, Sony, NEC, Toshiba, IBM, Acer, Delta, HP, Compaq, Lite-On, LS, Gateway, Dell, Asus and HP/Compaq.
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design of only 16mm thick and 270g.
  • Travel light and save room easily fit in your notebook bag.
  • Industrial-grade safety protection for stable, reliable power.

    - Over Power Protection (OPP)

    - Over Voltage Protection (OVP)

    - Short Circuit Protection (SCP)

    - Over Current Protection (OCP)

    - Over Temperature Protection (OTP)

  Input Voltage   AC 100V to 240V (2A) 50 - 60Hz
  Output Voltage   15 to 24 Volt DC auto select
  Maximum Output Power   90 Watts
  Dimension   142(L) x 67(W) x 16(H) mm
  Weight   270 g (without connectors)
  Input AC Power Cord Length   1.2 meter
  Output DC Power Cord Length   1.1 meter


Connector Dimension Voltage Compatible Brands
01 6.5*4.4*1.4 16V   Fujitsu, Sony, Samsung
02 6.5*4.4*1.4 19V/19.5V   Fujitsu, Sony
03 6.3*3.0 15V   NEC, Toshiba, Samsung
05 5.5*2.5 18V/18.5V/19V

  Acer, Compaq, Delta, Fujitsu, HP/Compaq,

  Lite-On LS, Gateway

07 5.5*1.7 18V/18.5V/19V

  Acer, Dell

08 4.8*1.7 18V/18.5V/19V   HP/Compaq, Delta, NEC, Asus
09 7.4*5.0 19.5V   Dell
10 7.5*5.0 18V/18.5V/19V   HP
11 5.5*2.1 18V/18.5V/19V   Acer
15 7.9*5.5 20V   Lenovo, IBM
38 11*4.6 20V   ThinkPad, Lenovo


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